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Andaman Activities

Sea Walking

It takes around 20 minutes by a ferry to reach The North Bay Island from Port Blair. One can fully enjoy the pleasures of Sea Walking near the North Bay Island. For Sea Walking, you need not be an experienced swimmer and experts will be available to guide you through the sport. With not much precaution needed in the sport, Sea Walking is an easy

Scuba Diving

If you want to enjoy Scuba diving in Andaman, then Havelock and Neil islands are the best options. Different scuba diving centres in these islands offer certified and non-certified courses according to the different levels of the activity. The non-certified courses are recommended for non-swimmers and the certified courses are recommended for

Sport Fishing

If you travel to Andaman and you do not experience Sport Fishing, then you will miss out all the fishing fun. Covered with dense rainforests and mangroves, the island also serves as a home to a variety of fishes. One can fully enjoy Sport Fishing and Saltwater Angling throughout the islands of Andaman.


Snorkeling is mandatory for you if you want to enjoy the adventures of traveling around Andaman to the fullest. Nothing can be more exciting than discovering the marine ecosystem of Andaman through the sport of Snorkeling. The deep oceans and seas have always been fascinating to water lovers and Snorkeling is the most appropriate activity to enjoy

Bird Watching

Are you a bird lover and do you love exploring different species of birds in different places? If your answer is yes, then Andaman is an ideal place for this interest. Since more than three fourth of Andaman is covered by forests, it houses a wide variety of flora and fauna. So, stroll around the lush forests of Andaman and witness fascinating


Enjoy your treks around Andaman and take back with you thrilling trekking experiences. Treading on the 2 km long trail has its own adventures and the sight of the magnificent trees and the sounds of birds chirping by the trailside will definitely delight you while you move ahead with your trek.